with Andrew Holmes, England

This workshop is a joyful, challenging, and healing journey in search of creativity and personal freedom. 

Revel in the art of the shapeshifter, and scoop up big handfuls of freedom and magic to bring back with you into your life.

Working with the 5 Rhythms, we practise responding instinctively to what’s going on around us. We receive and allow ourselves to be inspired by the attention of others. And we surrender to being filled by something other than ourselves.

When we are ready, we offer ourselves in service to the stories that are waiting to be told through us. Together we give them dramatic form. And through them we find new freedom - to be alive and spontaneous, playful and loving - as we open more deeply to our creative, instinctive selves.

Fr. 12. Dec. 19.00 - 22.00 Uhr 
Sa. 13. Dec. 10.30 - 18.00 Uhr
So. 14. Dec. 10.00 - 17.00 Uhr

CHF 340.-- 
Frühbucher/Earlybird: CHF 290.-- (gebucht + bezahlt bis 15. Okt. 14. / booked + payed by 15th. of Oct. 14.)

Nur Freitagabend/ Fridaynight only 
CHR 40.-- 

Anmeldung/ Registration: 
Gabriella Johanns - emovere@gmx.ch 
tel. ++41 79 235 98 25

Dies ist ein Workshop für erfahrene 5-Rhythmen-Tänzerinnen. Bitte nimm Kontakt mit uns auf, wenn du nicht sicher bist, ob das auf dich zutrifft. 
This is a Workshop for advanced 5 Rhythms-Dancer. Please contact us if this is the case or not and you are uncertain about it. 

Andrew Holmes 
has been dancing the 5 Rhythms for more than twenty years, and is one of the most respected teachers in Europe. He studied extensively with Gabrielle Roth, and Ya’Acov & Susannah Darling Khan, and runs workshops in many countries. For twenty years he worked as a theatre director. He lives in England with his partner Sharon, Laurie, Matthew & Natalie.

And here some Voices from past Workshops of "the holy Actor": 
“All human life was here - bucket loads of special moments in a workshop which required me to be truly in the moment. I feel regenerated down to the bones”

“I have noticed a remarkable shift in me since the workshop:I am able to love myself, to give my attention unconditionally to others, and to lose myself easily. Such profound transformation”

“Wonderful, healing, hopeful, joyful and loving!
The Holy Actor is the most extraordinary workshop I’ve ever been to”

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