The “Evolution of Response” is an Integral Spirituality practice workshop for cultivating the Timeless Wisdom of ones own true nature and aligning with the creative impulse of Evolving Spirit. Join Miles as he leads the group through the Timeless Wisdom practices of Meditation, Inquiry and Big Mind towards the awakening of true nature. Then continue further with the “Evolution of Response” through practices of Embodiment, Movement, and Group Dialogues that awaken and activate the Evolving Spirit.

In this weekend workshop you will:

- Discover of the timeless dimension of your true nature
- Make the shift from self identity towards Spiritual identity
- Transcend the self and catalyze transformation in relationships
- Evolve your lower tendencies into your higher potentials
- Practice with a community of Evolution of Response practitioners

Join this evolutionary event and meet yourself through others!

Register now for the Evolution of Response:

Early Bird Price.......260 CHF / 230€ (only 8 places!)
Full Price.................330 CHF / 280€

Important: The above cost is for the workshop only. Booking for room and board is to handled directly by Villa Unspunnen.

This weekend workshop will be held in Interlaken, Switzerland at Villa Unspunnen, a spiritual retreat center surrounded by green healing nature and the majestic beauty of the Swiss Alps.

Villa Unspunnen is a beautiful center that provides clean and comfortable rooms, a tranquil atmosphere, as well as delicious vegetarian meals. With it's top class meditation hall / workshop space, and beautiful nature, it is the perfect venue for awakening ones own Timeless Wisdom and Evolving Spirit.

For more about Villa Unspunnen: www.villaunspunnen.ch
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