• 13. Sep 2014 von 4:00 bis 7:00
  • Ort: Wahe Guru. Yoga Schule
  • Letzte Aktivität: 23. Apr 2021

Inner Dance is the Infinite expression of Energy that takes us to our Highest Potential. It is a gift to you from your Higher Self that offers healing, inner wisdom, and expands your consciousness, creativity and intuitive faculties. It starts from deep within beyond the ego and conscious mind. It is not a “dance” in the way typically expressed as we are not “dancing”, we become the movement itself. Dance is usually something coordinated by the brain which tells the body to move. The Inner Dance is a meditative, automatic, kundalini rise and spontaneous movement of the self that actually catches the ego and the conscious mind by surprise.

Everyone’s expression of this movement is different. It speaks to us, opens us up to what we need to heal, learn, envision, dance, remember, dream, co-create, etc.

Anyone interested in healing and experiencing the Infinite within are welcome!

Facilitated by listening to peaceful music and sounds, we flow and access our deeper conciousness and let go of our mind, and revisit patterns from the past, discover blockages, unconcious wounds and emotion,

desires and process them in a peaceful healing way. It started six years ago in the Philippines, and it was created by local healer Pi Villaraza after a two years retreat in solitude in a deserted island in Philippines, and is a guided process in which the participants are invited to unwind and go inside and expand their conciousness in a natural way.

Pi Villaraza’s quote:
“Whats the inner dance for? I believe it is here to uncover its meaning individually and it’s through the unique gifts of us all that the inner dance finds its full expression and its evolution through individually practicing it”

Practical info:
Before we start the process, we will do some light yoga exercises and after a explanation of the process, we will start the Inner Dance session, which will be guided by Marta Farré Ros and Sebastian Kruit.

As the process needs to be intimate, space is limited to a maximum of 20 participants.
Please wear comfortable clothing.

Marta Farré Ros is an Advanced Craniosacral therapist, Chi Kung teacher, intuitive healer, Birth Doula and Inner Dance facilitator. 
Sebastian Kruit is a holistic counsellorand Inner Dance facilitator.
Marco Di Giano is a Life Coach & Sri Sri Yoga Teacher. 

Contact marco.digiano@gmail.com or +41799548882 

For more info www.innerdanceprocess.com

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