My teacher years ago said to me that your only job in life is to learn how to fill your hoop with your own energy and if you do so life will unfold right in before you.

It’s said that the Mission of the Sacred Hoop is: Healing Individuals, Families, Communities and Nations

The sacred hoop teaching is one of the most fundamental shamanic philosophies that has become so needed at this time in our personal and planetary process. - Your hoop is a living metaphor for the space that you live within, this dynamic sea of energy that is surrounding you at every moment of your life. 

The sacred hoop is our great teacher.

This workshop will open your eyes in a very profound yet simple way as to how we step out of our life, process and center. We will not only explore our own personal beliefs but as well our heritage that created this. We will push into and through them to create new ways that we can live our life from the inside out and not the outside in.
We will not only understand the philosophy but put that into practice during class and you will walk away with several practices that can indeed shift the quality of your life.

Bring to the class is a desire to live a better life, with more clarity and certainty. I do think it is possible to sow the seeds in 2 days that can reap benefits for years to come. 

Join me on this journey into the very center of your being.

It is with great excitement that I get to come back to Switzerland after a 5 year break and bring something that I think will genuinely be of true service to anyone on any level of experience with shamanism. 
This class is for the advanced and the novice. 

Ort des Workshops: 
Magnusstrasse 3, 8004 Zürich


(There are still some Scholarship Spaces available in this Workshop) 

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